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FWA Mobile : Mac Guff



Mac Guff is one of the main digital visual effects design studios in Europe. Its activity spans the film industry, advertising, television programs and music videos.

Its ambition is not only to push the limits of animation and photorealism, but also to inject a narrative as well as artistic values into these new fields, that will “bring magic” to the singular vision of a director, and then to the public.

Mac Guff’s mastery and development of “proprietary” software tools in constant communication with graphic artists make it possible to meet and structure the most demanding and innovative of visual requirements. And sometimes, to initiate them.

The creative approach lies at the heart of all of our projects: Each film requires a concept, an idea or a story to be developed and transcribed into concrete imagery, be it subtle or oneiric. And each time, this birth requires the combination of an artistic intention and its technical and logical dimension.

Our tools and know-how are there to empower the imagination and maintain a constant energy, a creative potential that enable the desire for innovation to express itself and create novel visual experiences today.